The Secret Society

Since War times, there has always been a secret society of diligent men and women that have kept the United States safe from mayhem. Known only as “The Secret Society Escapists” they represent the greatest and the most intelligent the global world has to offer. With distinct powers of observation and deduction, they can solve any issue that may arise and escape any situation they face. For the first time in decades, you and your group will be able to join this amazing group of people. It won’t be easy! You’ll only have 60 minutes to complete the challenges to become the new members of the “Secret Society Escapist.” There are NO Refunds – No Re Scheduling – NO Cancellations – All Sales FINAL


Da Vinci Study

A force to be reckoned with of unforeseen power has been traced back to a abandoned cabin in the deep woods. Belonging to Da Vinci, the abandoned cabin in the woods is thought to be the location of his first experiments ever in time. If your choices are right, an extinction level event is about to occur.

When you arrive at the cabin, you find an abandoned home with unfinished experiments and paperwork leading you to a clock counting down to zero. Can your group of Escape Room Adventurists finding Da Vinci’s lost most prized paintings ? One hour is all that separates you from making history or being history!There are NO Refunds – NO ReScheduling – NO Cancellations – All Sales FINAL


The ClassRoom Adventure

The last day of school in 1986, Mrs. Elvira Price went missing without a trace from her classroom where she taught 5th grade. The classroom has been closed since she vanished. Students have stated they can hear Mrs. Price’s voice coming from the walls. The principal boarded up the classroom so that no one would be able to go inside. Now you find yourself trapped in this classroom. What is certain, you have one hour to solve the classroom mystery or find yourself trapped in there forever.No Re Scheduling – NO Cancellations – All Sales FINAL


The Bomb

You are trapped in a bunker, far below the earth in the dessert. You and your team must travel through rooms to get to the ticking bomb while solving mazes, puzzles, ciphers, and most of all using logic! Once you make it to the room where the bomb is located, you will be under the pressure of the room filling with smoke, and the clock barreling down……………..Can you save the world and disarm the bomb OR are you going to blow up? THIS ROOM MUST HAVE A MINIUM OF 4 PLAYERS IN ORDER TO PLAY THE GAME – CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS – There are NO Refunds – No Re Scheduling – NO Cancellations – All Sales FINAL


The Spy Story Saga

Mission has gone wrong. The Spy Saga agency came to pick up vital information from your apartment. He is missing, and a group of highly trained killers will be arriving in One hour to take you out or the entire department will begone forever. We need you to find the mole, to save the agency.There are NO Refunds – No Re Scheduling – NO Cancellations – All Sales FINAL


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